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specializes in the development and  application of the revolutionary field of Quantum Vacuum Engineering. QVE utilizes the coherence of Zero-Point energy from so called "empty" space.  This is accomplished in accordance with concrete experimental evidence from Quantum field theory and other advanced concepts including the radically new Lattice Nested Hydreno atomic model.   

    Our primary mission is the effective deployment of QVac Engineered power systems and Field Effect (reactionless) propulsion devices for micro-infrastructure applications in the Third World and other trouble spots.  Ideally, QVac engineered systems require no material fuel supply. Power is instead supplied from the energetic vacuum of space. Field effect propulsion does not require a material reaction medium such as necessary for conventional propellers, jets and rockets. 

    A wide variety of QVac engineered systems already exist in various states of development or active suppression from the "old boy" network of big government and big business, firmly entrenched in the ailing fossil fuelled economy.   more> 

Company Profile

    We are Federally Incorporated,  R&D and Technology Transfer consulting firm with international aspirations to introduce the world to QVac Engineered systems.  

    Our name, TECHTONIX is a play on the term from geomorphology, referring to the world changing effects of plate tectonics because we are going to rock your world (for the better).  Please join us in ushering in an unprecedented green revolution in science and technology.  Science and Technology for a better world.

Mark Porringa, PEng
President & CEO

      Mark Porringa is a fifteen year veteran of the Nuclear industry with a total of 24 years experience as a professional Engineer in various capacities from R&D to Manufacturing, in a broad spectrum of industries.
Frustrated by the growing limitations of indeterminate science and technology, he has for the last ten years applied his personal efforts to the development of various advanced concepts in Quantum mechanics aimed at utilizing the ubiquitous isotropic energy of  "empty" space, for a broad range of revolutionary power, propulsion and nuclear technologies including the Passive Inertial Confinement, ZIPP fusion process.  
      A key component of this effort has been the development of a new, highly  deterministic Atomic model, which very closely corresponds to macroscopic reality.  His peer reviewed research has been published in various Journals and Lectures including the Annals of the prestigious Louis de Broglie Foundation and the Canadian Nuclear Society.

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The New LNH Atomic Model

    The Lattice Nested Hydreno (LNH) Atomic model is a central feature of QVac Engineering.  The LNH model explains and legitimizing the development of power sources requiring no material fuel, propulsion systems that do not require a reaction medium, and low energy Nuclear reactions using the Passive Inertial Confinement, ZIPP fusion process and its variants.
    For a brief introduction to the new model visit our companion
Quantum Vacuum Engineering

    The term Quantum Vacuum Engineering was first coined by Nobel Laureate, T.D. Lee who proposed  that the energetic vacuum of space might some day be engineered to provide fantastic new technologies.  That day is now here, and the QVac Engineering revolution is on the horizon.....
QVac Engineering Science Assoc.

The Quantum Vacuum Engineering Science Association, QVESA is a new Learned society being set up to promote the development of Quantum Vacuum Engineering and its underlying science. 
       Membership will be open to all interested parties within various membership categories including professionals and layman.   Watch for further developments in the coming months ...
Better World Science & Technology
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Hydreno Atomic Model
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Aluminum nucleus
Aluminum       Nucleus
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Arsenic          Nucleus

A Preprint E-book of the revolutionary Lattice Nested Hydreno Atomic model has just recently been released.   Order your copy of this historic publication today for immediate download
Please bare with us while we continue to build and refine our website.    New material will be added frequently, so bookmark  us and come back soon as we continue to  unveil more astounding details of this radically new field of science and engineering.